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Essential tools every gardener must have

Here are some essential tools every gardener must have, depending on the type of garden they tend.

Large vegetable garden

• Long handled tools – keep back pain at bay and speed up the gardening process
• Digging fork – turns over soil and mixes nutrients
• Digging spade – helps with soil aeration and edging
• Hoe – eliminates weeds
• Rake – clears debris from the soil and is useful for leveling
• Hand tools – pruners, a hori hori knife and a wheelbarrow

Raised bed garden

• Spade and fork – for soil aeration
• Long handle and Dutch hand hoes – different heads can tackle almost all weeds
• Hand tools such as trowels, a hori hori knife and pruners

Flower beds and lawn

• Garden and leaf rakes – gather debris from soil and leaves from the garden
• Rabbiting spade – narrow, pointed blade is useful for ditch digging
• Edger – for defining different plant beds
• Loppers or pruning saw – for pruning small trees and cutting away dead branches
• Hose
– Hand tools

Townhouse or apartment garden

An assortment of hand tools such as a trowel, pruners and a watering can will help to keep your townhouse or apartment garden in shape.

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