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How to keep your garden tools in top condition

Often, people with the smartest gardens seem also to have the best looked after tools. Perhaps it’s a commitment to high standards, or even just a state of mind. If you’d like your equipment to always be in great shape for all your gardening tasks, here are just four tips to follow…

1. Keep them clean – starting with a stiff bristle brush down to remove most of the dirt, you can use warm water to help scrub off the rest. Give them a quick rinse and allow them to dry, or simply towel them down yourself.

2. Keep tools rust-free – a wire brush can do most of the work; sandpaper, or an electric sander, will quickly finish off the rust removal process. Using boiled natural linseed oil (on handles too) can help preserve the condition. Avoid petroleum based oils, as they won’t do much good when some is transferred into your soil!

3. Keep handles smooth – wooden handles can become rough through their exposure to the elements. Moisture from any source will cause this, again the answer is to use sandpaper, starting with rougher and finishing with smoother, to make the handle comfortable to hold, and less likely to injure your hands.

4. Keep them sharp – often a flat file will do the job, although machines, oil and water stones, and other options are available.

These simple tips will ensure your garden tools are keepers for a long time, meaning replacement expenses can become less of a cost for such a great hobby!

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