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Let’s Talk About Roses

We need to remember only 6 things to have beautiful roses.

  1. Roses need 6 hours of sun each day. Roses are sun worshipers.
  2. Roses like rich and well-drained soil. Roses love compost or ground bark to fill planing hole.
  3. Roses need 2-to-3-inch layer of mulch. This will help control weeds,  retain moisture, and moderate soil temperature.
  4. Water wisely; a soaker hose  or drip irrigation is  best. Water splashed on leaves may help disease to grow. If you must water with bucket or hose be very careful.
  5. Check  your roses frequently; look for signs of pests or disease. It is always easier to treat diseases or pests early.
  6. Prune every year. When your roses are dormant is the time to do your major pruning. Be sure to check with a rose authority before you prune.  Your county extension agent is a good source.

Your  local garden club may hold sales during early May (in the southeast) and there you will find roses that are already been growing in your neighborhood. This is always my first choice.  Not only am I helping the garden club make money but I get quality plants at a reduced price. Often there will be older garden magazines that a member no longer needs for free.  Of course talking gardening with the other gardeners is always fun! Here’s to beautiful roses!

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