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This is a section for you! I will  get it started but I want you to share your tips and tricks on HOME DECOR and on GARDENING TOOLS. I know many of you out there have much you can share with the rest of us.  We all are excited about Home Decor and Gardening Tools.  We  all want to learn to  ways to do things better and faster. So I am depending on you. Let’s  use ordinary tips for those of us just starting out and the experienced ones of us can enlighten on the tried and true. Questions will always be accepted and anyone who knows the answer  is welcome to enlighten us all. Just be sure to include your email address for us at the bottom of the page!

1.    What nutrient does bone meal add to the soil?  Answer  next time!!

2.    It is helpful when pulling small weeds to tie a plastic grocery bag to your belt to use for disposal.

3.    I’m seeing a lot of blue, many shades and hues as the new trend in color for home decor. Some shades go toward green like turquoise and others off toward gray.  Gray may be the next black.

4.    Crushed egg shells work as an organic pesticide to kill pests like Japanese beetles and slugs.
















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